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A Renegade of Funk…session with music pioneer, John Robie

In the middle of so much going on lately, I had the opportunity of working with legendary musician and producer, John Robie. Before you ask who is he, I will begin by saying his synth work was the basis of one of the most influential records in history… Planet Rock! He also produced songs such as Renegades of Funk, Looking for the Perfect Beat, Play at your own risk, One more shot and a childhood favorite, I.O.U (and sometimes yyyyyyy)…lol. These songs were mainstays of the early 80’s summers. I remember being just a snot-nosed kid in the parks during those summers and you could not escape the electro- funk synth sound. Well, through the magic of my manager, Miles, I along with a fellow MC, Mic El was given the opportunity to work on a special project that heralds back to the gritty heydays of 1980’s NYC. Those years were special to me because I fell in love with music then and NYC was where innovation was happening with everything in music from Hip Hop to Rhythm & Boogie (lol) and even Rock/punk. John Robie gave a lot of insight to being involved in the scene back then and honestly had me dreaming about Wildstyle and the merging of art and street culture.
Robie, Mic El and I built on so much. It truly showed me how much I’ve grown as well. Anyone who knows me knoooows that the mid 70’s through the 80’s were my favorite time in music. This is really one of those “once in a lifetime grooves” (New Edition reference)…lol. I am grateful and hope this is the beginning of a new musical brotherhood.




  1. Life long fan of those electro records you mention and the sounds of Mr.Robie.
    What came if the session ? Any links to the missive produced ?

    • That’s really cool. I know he is working on a visual series of some sort and could possibly be using the music for it.

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