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Singer | M.C. | Songwriter | Producer | Entertainer

Drue Davis is an award winning songwriter who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, Drue was fascinated by a variety of genres of music, from the radio’s Top 40 hits to the crackling vinyl sounds of Motown and James Brown. He also loved the witty wordplay and memorable beats from the emerging sound of Hip Hop.

From weekly trips to the record store with his mother, he became enamored with album sleeves and credits, and classics like Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall and Thriller thoroughly inspired him and led to hours of daydreaming wondering what was it like to create and record music.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, Hip Hop was definitely the soundtrack of his life, and as the years went on, his passion for music grew even stronger.

The first musical group that Drue Davis was a part of was a Hip Hop group called “Red Clay.” As the MC for the crew, Drue became known for his unique style, incredible beats, and unique flair for blending the early days of hip hop music with new modern styles.

A talented entertainer, Drue was able to give memorable live performances with harmonies reminiscent of early soul groups. Some of the venues the group performed in included places like CBGB’s and SOB’s, and they opened up for the likes of Erykah Badu, Common, and Talib Kweli. When asked about the music he made, Drue called it “Rugged Soul” because it’s essentially soul music that’s infused with other genres. The undeniable grooves and wordplay, landed his group in the Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype column.

After working for years in the industry, Drue started writing, vocal arranging, and producing for artists. He also went further into producing when a friend in the industry asked him to help create demo songs for television shows and commercials. After a few months, Drue’s music landed on several highly rated cable reality shows and broadcast sport shows. He began writing more of his own music, exploring more personal topics and issues. The response was encouraging and positive, so Drue decided to try an approach to his music that was a bit different from anything he had worked on before.

Essentially, Drue wanted to utilize all of his unique experiences and skills and create something that brings his love of music full circle. He noticed people talking about how disconnected they started to feel from current music, and he wanted to create a type of music that reminded people of all the things that made us fall in love with music to being with. Using his MPC2000xl and his keyboard, he decided to embark on a musical journey, one that would forever change him.

Drue has been touring as emcee and lead male singer for YouTube sensation, Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. Earlier this year, he recieved a Grammy plaque for his writing and vocal contributions to the Children’s Album of the Year, Home, by Tim Kubart & the Space Cadets. In addition, he has released his first project entitled, Magic Man and the Beat Machine, encompassing sounds from the soulfulness of R&B, the pulsating drive of rock, and the raw emotion of hip hop. Backed by a band during live performances, Drue has been able to make his songs come to life like all of his childhood favorites.

Ultimately, reaching the audience and touching their souls has always been a part of Drue’s artistry, and he continues to do it in his own unique, soulful way.

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