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Charging through Chattanooga

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I had a blast in Chattanooga with Postmodern Jukebox. So much was racing through my mind during the soundcheck that I seemed to have a hard time concentrating on my songs. However, showtime (and a a shot or two of whiskey) came and I was good to go. There was such a great crowd at Track 29,  one couldn’t helped but be charged. The added bonus was ending the night with my buddies, beer and some bluegrass. Now you can’t beat...

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Live in the Living Room

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Here is a quick pic from the “Live in the Living Room” sessions. This is the start of a live session series featuring unique covers and of course live arrangements of the songs from my album , “Magic Man & the Beat Machine”. My t-shirt might give a clue as to what song we were working...

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Drue Davis hosts The Fleet DJs – The Project: Vol 1

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The Fleet DJ’s (RNB Division) present…The Project: Volume 1!! Hosted by me and mixed by DJ RL and DJ Mark of The Fleet DJ’s. Check it out by clicking on the cover and let us know how much you’re enjoying...

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All the Way Up at The Way Station

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This show at The Way Station was special for many reasons. It’s been a short while since taking the stage and it felt great. My good friends Danny and Caroline, played a really amazing set as well (CHECK THEM OUT!!). I was reminded of how powerful this music can be…and I needed to be. It turned into a dance party (in true Drue fashion) and left me with the feeling that I need to do this more often, lol. It was a packed house and the energy was incredible. At the end of the night, people came up to me and said they needed this ; how...

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Cooking in the Rugged Soul Kitchen

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It’s taken awhile for me to write this post. Well, 2016 was an insanely gratifying year. I got to headline at the Apollo (YEAH), showcase at SOB’s, receive a Grammy certificate for my participation on a Grammy Award winning album and perform at both Sunfest Music Festival & Radio City Music Hall (!!!) with Postmodern Jukebox. Not to mention be featured on PMJ’s #1 jazz album (iTunes), Swing the Vote. However, the end of the year found me dealing with the death of an extremely close friend. In addition, I lost another...

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Featured on Silent Knight’s EP “See You in Hell”

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Silent Knight – See You In Hell (EP)

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Rocking at Radio City Music Hall

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To think that a song I sung in Scott Bradlee’s basement almost 5 years ago was done on the Radio City Music Hall stage is absolutely crazy!!...

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Scenes from Sol Village at SOB’s

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Fever and all, it was fun to rock with Sol Village at S.O.B’s!! Their house band was great and was even better having my friends and horn players, Aaron and Seth...

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Grammy winning vocalist, Drue Davis

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It was nice to come home and see this in the mail. To many, this recognition may not mean much. For me, it does because of the nature of the independent grind. You take on so much yourself, that you begin to wonder if you’re moving in the right direction, making the right decisions or are just delusional, lol. To me, this is validation that I am moving forward and making progress. I truly am blessed and know that there are more blessings to...

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Panel discussion at Medgar Evers College

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Tomorrow night, I will be speaking on a panel about The Business of Hip Hop – Culture & Entrepreneurship. It’s free and will feature: Manny Faces… Birthplace Magazine Dii Lewis… Bushwick Radio Navani Oter…. Journalist & Halftime Radio Guy Charles Routt√©… War Media Mikal Lee… Independent Artist ..and myself Performances by Division X & Kala Kathleen Hope to see some of you out there and...

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S.O.B’s…Here I come!!!

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Wednesday Sept 21st, I will have the pleasure and honor of performing a few of my songs at SOB’s Sol Village (with their house band). For over a decade, this event has featured performances from Erykah Badu, Common, Raphael Saadiq, Musiq Soulchild and many more. Hi-Five will also be performing which will surely bring back some memories. If you’re planning to attend, email your full name to druersvp@gmail.com to be placed on my reduced list. This is an after-school (work) special…7-11pm, lol. Let’s make this a night to...

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New Video Alert : Savor the Moment by Hasan Salaam feat. Drue Davis

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This is the real “Love & Hip Hop”. A fun video shoot at a Hip Hop themed wedding… Priceless!!

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MNB Reunion with Scott Bradlee

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Motown Nickelback Reunion with Scott Bradlee. I got to sing a “classic” as well as break into a fun rap freestyle. Check it out!

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New Song Alert…So Amazin’

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Rugged Soul Sundays present “So Amazin'”

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Showtime at the Apollo

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The night was nothing short of magic, (with a few technical difficulties)…lol. That day, my mind was filled with memories of my childhood. Flashbacks of watching “It’s Showtime at the Apollo’ late nights as a kid, the countless trips to 125th st with family and not to mention the numerous times I saw that marquee in films and documentaries. This little boy from Brooklyn got to live his dream. Though, it wasn’t the mainstage, it was still an honor to be performing in that building. My band and I did get a chance to...

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Nominated for Pulse Music tv’s Best Music Artist

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I’m super stoked to share that I’ve been nominated for Pulse Music TV’s Best Music Artist. If you may,¬† copy the link and share with everyone!! http://www.pulsemusic.tv/6/0/5/3-music/1-artist/805772771-drue-davis

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Closer to the Apollo Cafe

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        I’m excited to say that less than 3 weeks away, the band & I will take Manhattan at the Apollo Cafe. You can get your tickets HERE. Here is the band hard at work…uh,...

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Fun in the Sunfest

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I had such a fun time in the Sunshine state with Postmodern Jukebox at Sunfest Music festival. The funny thing is, I go to West Palm Beach at least once a year to relax and stay with friends. One of which said that I should come down to perform. I laughed after he said, “he’d put it out in the air”. Not even a year later, I get to be at one of the biggest music festivals in Fl. I guess my friend Alex is a “Magic Man”. We didn’t have much of a soundcheck (10 min) and I didn’t know half of the singers...

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Featured on Postmodern Jukebox’s #1 jazz album, “Swing the Vote!”

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The Motown Nickleback cover of “Rockstar” is featured on PMJ’s new album, “Swing the Vote!”, currently #1 on iTunes jazz charts!! So get out there and buy or...

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Scenes from Meridian 23

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The Night of Rugged Soul at Meridian 23 was a success! We had an amazing night with an even more amazing crowd! Sharing the stage with Storm Marrero, StringsNskins, and Division X was an honor. I forgot what it takes to organize events (I was pooped the next day…lol). However, it was all worth it!! Here a few quick clips from the evening. Until next time…. uh, the Apollo Cafe (yes, THE APOLLO)..June 3rd…tickets available now….that means...

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