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Nominated for Pulse Music tv’s Best Music Artist

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I’m super stoked to share that I’ve been nominated for Pulse Music TV’s Best Music Artist. If you may,  copy the link and share with everyone!! http://www.pulsemusic.tv/6/0/5/3-music/1-artist/805772771-drue-davis

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Closer to the Apollo Cafe

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        I’m excited to say that less than 3 weeks away, the band & I will take Manhattan at the Apollo Cafe. You can get your tickets HERE. Here is the band hard at work…uh,...

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Fun in the Sunfest

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I had such a fun time in the Sunshine state with Postmodern Jukebox at Sunfest Music festival. The funny thing is, I go to West Palm Beach at least once a year to relax and stay with friends. One of which said that I should come down to perform. I laughed after he said, “he’d put it out in the air”. Not even a year later, I get to be at one of the biggest music festivals in Fl. I guess my friend Alex is a “Magic Man”. We didn’t have much of a soundcheck (10 min) and I didn’t know half of the singers...

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Featured on Postmodern Jukebox’s #1 jazz album, “Swing the Vote!”

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The Motown Nickleback cover of “Rockstar” is featured on PMJ’s new album, “Swing the Vote!”, currently #1 on iTunes jazz charts!! So get out there and buy or...

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Scenes from Meridian 23

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The Night of Rugged Soul at Meridian 23 was a success! We had an amazing night with an even more amazing crowd! Sharing the stage with Storm Marrero, StringsNskins, and Division X was an honor. I forgot what it takes to organize events (I was pooped the next day…lol). However, it was all worth it!! Here a few quick clips from the evening. Until next time…. uh, the Apollo Cafe (yes, THE APOLLO)..June 3rd…tickets available now….that means...

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New Music Alert: The Calling

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So, I’ve launched a new series on my social media channels entitled, “Rugged Soulful Sundays”. This series will showcase videos and music. For this installment, I am featuring a new tune, “The Calling” available now for download via SoundCloud. Check it out!

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The Pregame on my B-day

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On my b-day, my friend, Hip Hop producer, Marco Polo and I went to tape a radio show called “The Pregame”. Here’s what special about this. My niece is the host of this particular show and both her and I share the same birthday. To watch her grow into this young entrepreneurial person, has been nothing short of a blessing. I remember myself at her same age (which I know is rude to say or talk about so I won’t…lol). That youthful drive of wanting to be seen, heard; out and about. I was reminded of that while her and...

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Drue Davis…Grammy Winner

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Well…..Remember that wonderful kids album I rapped and sang on…..                 I choose to believe when you work hard and your intentions are pure, Great things will happen. I’m not talking about myself, here. Tim’s dedication to “edutaining” kids is one of the most purest things I’ve come to know. He deserved this. I’ve seen him jet lagged, worn out, etc. I am so happy just to be apart of this. Grammy winner… Not...

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Words of Wisdom tv

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February 6, my band and I had the opportunity to be a part of the launch of Words of Wisdom tv. I guess with every new media endeavours, there were technical issues and time constraints. During the interview, they asked me about my approach to music and my influences. Being that it was a Valentine’s edition, we talked about relationships. I’m don’t know why they asked me (listen to Ms. Missing & Shotgun…lol). We ended the show with a fiery performance of Magic Man. I was a little nervous being interviewed but became...

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New Year, New Sentiments, New Music….New Album?

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Sometimes getting away from the busy city can give you the clarity you need to begin a new or the next journey. Yeah, it’s time to get to album number 2!!! Roughly, two years ago, I released a project near and dear to my heart, Magic Man & the Beat Machine and it really has been a ride ever since. So much has happened in the world and with me that I am ready to start speaking, spitting and singing about it. I’ve been working on a few new tunes (not related to new album) and will be releasing them shortly. Some new shows are on...

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From Grammy’s to Gamble & Huff…Whoa Week!!

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So, I get to end this year and ring in the holidays with some great news!!! I had the honor of working with my friend, Tim Kubart aka Mr.Tambourine guy, Mr. Sunny Side Up Show, on an incredible kids album called “Home”. Well, that project has just been nominated for a Grammy. I got to spit a verse and sing some backups on a record called “Sunday Crafternoon”. It was fun and I finished recording in record time (according to Tim & Dominic). I am proud to be a part of this project because for the few years I have...

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Test to be in included on the Black Rock Coalition’s 30 year compilation

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Great news!!! “Test” will be included on the Black Rock Coalition’s 30 year anniversary compilation (digital version) “Rock ‘n’ Roll Reparations, Vol 3: The Million Man Mosh Edition” “The judges have weighed in and selected Test for the the expanded Digital Download (we had limited real estate on the CD, but because your track is so strong we wanted to be able to include it)” …LaRonda, Black Rock Coalition President The Black Rock Coalition was started in 1985 to give a platform and...

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Sweet show at the Bitter End

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This past Saturday, Nov 7th, my band and I played an awesome show at The Bitter End. I’ve played there with Cover Bands and even hosted a fundraiser for a music school there but of course, this was different.  Some of the greats like Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder (insert squeal here) to newer chart toppers like Lady Gaga and Norah Jones have showcased there gifts here.  One of my favorite live albums, Curtis Mayfield Live, was recorded there (you should find this now). Donny Hathaway recorded live from there as well. To be...

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Doin’ it right at Leftfield NYC!

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Some footage from my gig at Leftfield NYC with Turnstyle Music Group. My band an I had a great time at Leftfield! It was such an awesome show and the sound was great. Shouts to Kayla and the soundman,...

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C.L.C Benefit at The Space @ Westbury

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It was so good to have been there to support and perform for a worthy cause. The Children’s Learning Center – United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau’s Night of Music at the Space in Westbury, was a success! An amazing singer-songwriter, Jon Christopher, filled in as a replacement for my friend and organizer of the event, Criso Kardia (who couldn’t perform). I’ve known both Jon and Criso at the Waltz- Astoria and is always a pleasure reconnecting with them. The “road’ leading up to the event was a...

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Rocking at Rockwood Music Hall

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I had a very adventurous week! I went to the Bronx Documentary Center to see a screening of the film, Rubble Kings. Being a child of Hip Hop and “all things New York” of the 70’s and 80’s, this movie was and is a “MUST SEE”. I also hosted the monthly series, Mixed Pleasures at the Delancey. However, nothing beat taking the stage at Rockwood Music Hall. It was a hectic day and I had so much on my mind. I realize that I worry too much…lol. Well, this is my art, my emotions, my songs. You want things to...

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A Renegade of Funk…session with music pioneer, John Robie

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In the middle of so much going on lately, I had the opportunity of working with legendary musician and producer, John Robie. Before you ask who is he, I will begin by saying his synth work was the basis of one of the most influential records in history… Planet Rock! He also produced songs such as Renegades of Funk, Looking for the Perfect Beat, Play at your own risk, One more shot and a childhood favorite, I.O.U (and sometimes yyyyyyy)…lol. These songs were mainstays of the early 80’s summers. I remember being just a...

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At the Norva in Norfolk, VA with Postmodern Jukebox

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Here are some fan video clips from the Postmodern Jukebox tour show at the Norva in VA. Belting ballads and Beasting bars in a suit…lol!!! It’s always times fun with my PMJ family!! http://druedavis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/norva2.mp4 http://druedavis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/norva1.mp4

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Interview with Rhythm & Soul Radio

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Here is my interview with Marko Nobles of Rhythm & soul radio. We discuss everything from my album, Magic Man & the Beat Machine, to Postmodern Jukebox. Check it out! http://druedavis.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/rs-interview.mp3

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Magic Man in rotation!

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Shouts to Indie Review Radio!!!   #NP @IndieRevue #Radio http://t.co/tYB1vFDaOE “Magic Man” by @DrueDavisMusic call 646-478-5123 chat LIVE! #goodtunes — SheNotes (@SheNotes) April 25,...

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