Drue Davis

All the Way Up at The Way Station

This show at The Way Station was special for many reasons. It’s been a short while since taking the stage and it felt great. My good friends Danny and Caroline, played a really amazing set as well (CHECK THEM OUT!!). I was reminded of how powerful this music can be…and I needed to be. It turned into a dance party (in true Drue fashion) and left me with the feeling that I need to do this more often, lol. It was a packed house and the energy was incredible. At the end of the night, people came up to me and said they needed this ; how it restored their faith in humanity and just overall made for a good night out. Honestly, I needed it as much as they did. To everyone who came out, thanks for this night to remember. Well, Brooklyn…We did it again!!

Check out this comment about the show:

Last night I saw the second coming of James Brown. He is that good. I-Phone audio does not do him justice, I should have…

Posted by Sean Driscol on Saturday, January 28, 2017

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