Drue Davis

Cooking in the Rugged Soul Kitchen

It’s taken awhile for me to write this post. Well, 2016 was an insanely gratifying year. I got to headline at the Apollo (YEAH), showcase at SOB’s, receive a Grammy certificate for my participation on a Grammy Award winning album and perform at both Sunfest Music Festival & Radio City Music Hall (!!!) with Postmodern Jukebox. Not to mention be featured on PMJ’s #1 jazz album (iTunes), Swing the Vote. However, the end of the year found me dealing with the death of an extremely close friend. In addition, I lost another friend who I was getting to know a bit better. Two very insightful, creative and encouraging individuals that were gone way too soon. As one could probably imagine the holiday season was bittersweet. Though inspired to write and produce, I found my ideas weren’t coming out the way I’d like them to. After some time to heal and reflect, I began working with my friend Mocce at Flux studios (NYC) and the legendary, Electric Lady Studios with my friend and horn player, Seth Paris. Here is a small video of some of those sessions featuring Nikhil Yerawadekar (bass) and Yoshio Kobayashi (drums). I’m still working through it all but feel this a good place to start…lol!

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