Drue Davis

Fun in the Sunfest

I had such a fun time in the Sunshine state with Postmodern Jukebox at Sunfest Music festival. The funny thing is, I go to West Palm Beach at least once a year to relax and stay with friends. One of which said that I should come down to perform. I laughed after he said, “he’d put it out in the air”. Not even a year later, I get to be at one of the biggest music festivals in Fl. I guess my friend Alex is a “Magic Man”. We didn’t have much of a soundcheck (10 min) and I didn’t know half of the singers and musicians for this show. So much for the hosting duties…lol. Everything went well and the sound was amazing (our soundman won an award for our show!!!). 83 degrees, in a full suit…..WORTH IT!  Not to mention, I got to see Alabama Shakes!!! I’m a fan and believe me it was as good o even better seeing them live. The band was so tight & Brittany is the truth. I missed out on meeting her earlier. She was talking to one of my fellow musicians by our van but I wasn’t paying attention until we pulled off. Drue, ya big dummy (Fred Sanford voice…lol). When some of the band members met up later, we knew were still in awe of seeing them and the power of that show. I still have fun doing these Motown Nickelback songs. Here are a few clips. Next Stop…. Drue Davis takes Manhattan at the Apollo.


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