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  1. Busted Chump 1:26
  2. Proof si Nusha @ Staff Party
  3. Cloudless Days 1:46
  4. Cryptic Psyche 0:57

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I’m Just Super Saiyan

Sed mollis, eros et ultrices tempus, mauris ipsum aliquam libero, non adipiscing dolor urna...

Drue Davis in PMJ’s “Enchantment Under the Quarantine”

This Saturday at 7pm (EST), I’ll be singing a few songs for PMJ‘s “Enchantment...

“Part of the Earth” for First Responders Children’s Foundation

Today at 1:15, Tim Kubart and I will be performing our song, “Part of...

“Part of the Earth” single

Be light, Have faith, Drue

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