So let’s begin the year with a bang! Tim Kubart’s, Building Blocks has been nominated for a Grammy. Recently, we had the opportunity of performing some of the songs (including Block Party) from this project and the Grammy award winning album, Home. at Sirius XM studios. Check out the link below!

Well, for someone who hasn’t released new music of his own in awhile, I had a pretty cool year with Spotify.

Most of all, 2018 taught me to focus on my well being. I had a lot of health issues to tackle the first part of the year. I slowed down a bit and was honestly for the better. With so much yet to accomplish in 2019, I realize my priority is my health. Sometimes you need to step back, reassess life and take “Breaks from Bad Habits” (wink). I wish all of my friends, family and fans prosperity and peace in this New Year. Be good to others and yourself!!!

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