Sometimes you just need a few days out of town and on on a bus to reflect on the joys of tour life. Well, on the first day, I got to say hi to Kendrick Lamar as he entered the rehearsal studio we were in. The TDE crew were rehearsing in the studio room next to us, which I presume was for Cochella. This California run of shows were an absolute blast! It was the first time I met most of the musicians but we gelled fairly quick. Tim Kubart and Scott Bradlee made surprise visits on two of the shows and enjoyed a dose of classic Motown Nickelback…lol. Its amazing that after 7 years, we still perform this song around the world. I’ve been recording a lot lately and its been a few months since I’ve been on stage but performing always “reminds me of what I truly am” (that was bad, I know).

A backstage view of me performing Umbrella

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