Last Thursday, May 3rd, I had the opportunity of rocking at Radio City Music Hall again, this time for Youtube’s Brandcast event. Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande headlined the evening. The performance was less than a minute but because there were moving stages and was part of a bigger production, it was two days of rehearsals. Well, getting the in ear monitors to work correctly, in time for the performance was “fun” but it all worked out for the actual performance. May 3rd, is also my mother’s birthday. May 8th would make 20 years since she passed away so I couldn’t help but get emotional before the performance. My cousin, who was doing a promotional job for Google, escorting guests to the Youtube event, joined me backstage (talk about divine intervention). It was great having him there and I couldn’t help but to think that an angel made that happen. I know she’d be proud. Check out these pics & footage from the evening.

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