Drue Davis

Showtime at the Apollo

The night was nothing short of magic, (with a few technical difficulties)…lol. That day, my mind was filled with memories of my childhood. Flashbacks of watching “It’s Showtime at the Apollo’ late nights as a kid, the countless trips to 125th st with family and not to mention the numerous times I saw that marquee in films and documentaries. This little boy from Brooklyn got to live his dream. Though, it wasn’t the mainstage, it was still an honor to be performing in that building. My band and I did get a chance to stand on the mainstage and touch the legendary tree stump. Towards the middle of the set, the kick drum head ripped (there was already a tear in it). So, I had to stall while they changed it. I spoke about dreams and how life always throws us the perfect “monkeywrench” to stop going after them. I remember being at a crossroads a few years back and considered “putting a lid” on going after my dreams. I told myself I’d always write and create because it was a part of me but the performing and recording grind felt like a lost cause. If I gave up there would be no Magic Man & the Beat Machine and certainly no Apollo show. It felt good to say that in front of an audience and a handful of people told me they were either at that crossroad or working to get beyond it. The show was amazing and performing one of my childhood favorites “Mama used to say” by Junior was soooo much fun. My band and I had a blast!! Take a look at some clips and pictures from a most memorable night!











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