It’s been awhile, so I just want to give a quick update on what I’ve been up to. Well, I will be doing a show with Sofar Sounds. It is always a blast and I expect tonight to be no different. My good friends Conor Moran (guitarist) and Chip Thomas (drums/percussion) will be joining me. I’ll be performing something old, something new, something borrowed (cover), all things Drue…lol. Check out what Sofar Sounds is all about!

I’ve been working with students at Suny Purchase from both the Artist Management and TV Laboratory courses. Known for the immense talents that resonate from their campus, it is surely becoming something that I am learning from as well. The first session was a Q&A with students from the artist management class. They wanted to know a bit about me, my influences, my “grind” and my goals. I also received and am receiving insightful feedback on how I can make tasks more efficient, i.e promoting with social media. The second involved me performing and being interviewed for the tv laboratory program. That morning so much was going on and it took me awhile to get comfortable. Once I did, it was awesome to see how things came together. The interview was complete with questions ranging from musical influences to business ethics. I can only hope this is a beginning of a great partnership!!

Those who have followed me for years or have just read my bio (lol), know that I started in the NYC indie scene as an MC and beatmaker. Hip Hop is at the core of my Rugged Soul sound, and I spent many days behind my MPC2000xl, sampling and chopping away ; inspired by some of my favorite Boom Bap producers. Well, I have the opportunity to work with one of my favorites. The track really stood out to me and Ive been working on it. I can’t wait to share it and this project!!

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