Friday night, I had the awesome opportunity of rocking at the Blue Note with Hip Hop legend, Masta Ace and my boy, Marco Polo. Ace is one of those unsung heroes of the culture. I remember hearing “Ace & Action” on Red Alert. Watching the “Me & the Biz” and “The Music Man” videos on Video Music Box, I saw a young MC being creatively free and more importantly, himself.
A few years later, my cousin would put me on to his “Slaughtahouse” album, at a time when I was discovering my love of emceeing. He was always dope but I seemed to be enamored with the more aggressive rappers of the time.
The latter 90’s brought glitz, glamour and crime personas. There seemed to be a growing sentiment with people who were in search of an alternate, fresh, independent vibe. In 2001, he dropped an album called, Disposable Arts, and it spoke to me. Hip Hop was in need of an awakening and track to track, he described what I was feeling.
My good friend, Marco Polo, has been working on material and touring with him for over a decade. On top of all of this, Ace battles with MS. Dealing with my own autoimmune disease, it is inspiring to see him push through . He has given over thirty years in the game, and he still rocks crowds and studio with humility and passion. Yes, indeed…he is a legend and superhero, just by being himself.

Check out these clips of me rocking, Sunken Place (remix), with Masta Ace & Marco Polo feat. Lee Hogans and Pursuance (band).

Go check out Masta Ace and Marco Polo’s album, A Breukelen Story!

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